Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Does Deck Rejuvenation Pty Ltd offer ongoing maintenance plans?

A – We most certainly do – If you come to us seeking to have your deck restored, we will quote for the initial works plus the ongoing upkeep of the decking. To ensure everything is kept looking perfect through the year, we will give you friendly reminders along the way prior to the works falling due. In the most recent 12 months updated December 2019 63% of clients have booked us in for a recurring maintenance visit, with the remaining clients having either sold their home or have been coached on best practice to look after it moving forward.


Q – How long has Deck Rejuvenation Pty Ltd been around for?

A – Deck Rejuvenation collectively has over 22 years experience in the timber restoration business. The owner Ben Jarvie has been restoring decks for that last 17 years – to read up more about the business please visit our about us page.


Q – I have a beautiful garden and or freshly laid grass, will it be safe?

A – Most certainly – Whilst care is always taken when conducting our propriety cleaning process, we have also conducted testing on plants to ensure that any potential risks have been mitigated by using safe solutions to begin with.


Q – I have a brand new deck – How soon should I have it oiled?

A – With your fresh timber just being laid it’s critical that the natural oils AKA tannin leech out from the timber before putting down any protective coatings – old school of thought was to wait 2 months before oiling– To speed up the process hose down your timbers once a week to aid the process. New school of thought is to chemically induce the process of tannin removal and give the new deck a light sand to open up the grain of the timber, remove any mill glaze and any marks from the initial build taking place.


Q – My deck is surrounded by rendered walls & expensive pavers, will they be safe?

A –  Yes they will, 90 % of the recovery of your timbers takes place with the use of our unique proprietry timber preperation process there for we do not need to run brain damage strength chemicals like other contractors. We make all our chemicals in house and run at ratios that will not have any adverse effects on your property or your family’s health.

***WORD OF CAUTION***One thing to take into account if considering hiring a handyman/painter who intends to pickup materials from the local harware shop, is that nearly all deck cleaning agents sold from these shops have the potential to bleach your render, pavers or kill your plants and or be corrosive against any stainless steel.


Q – What Decking Oil Do We Use?

A – 95% of the time we opt for using water based oil products for several reasons.
– No fumes

-Allows us to do the Melbourne rain dance – Where as if you use a typical solvent based oil you have no margin for error with rain.

-Allows us to get 2 x clean and seals completed each year on decks that demand it ie full sun exposed areas.
-Water wash up is safe against spills
-Fast dry times

-Beautiful finishes that show case the timber whilst offering protecting from Australia’s harsh UV rays.

In relation to brands we work very closely with a variety of Manufactures to ensure we are always using the leading products on the market – we also have several custom formulations that are not available from Retail outlets.

Q – How long does it take for us to complete our work?

A – 80% of our jobs result in completion over 2 days – 1 day is dedicated to the initial prep work with another full day for the application of the high performance water based oil.



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